Genealogy Research Travel Planner Spreadsheet

This Editable Travel Planner for Family History Research is a fillable Google Spreadsheet.

It has everything you need to keep on task and make the most of your genealogy trip, no matter how short it is!



Plan out all your travel details on one page. 

This planner is fillable online, using Google Spreadsheets!  From there, you can edit and print it at any size you need.   Fold it up or fit in your family history binder or travel journal.  You can also share it with travel companions, or download it in different formats (.xlsx for Excel, .ods, and .pdf).

There is a LOT of information packed onto the single page family history vacation planner. It has:

★ An area to define the location, ancestor you’re focusing on, and goal of the day.
★ A 7 AM to midnight hourly planner (though hopefully you’ll leave time in there to relax and wander around.)
★ An area to write down places to eat, people to meet, and things to see on the way.
★ An area where you can write down translations of Keywords, Polite Phrases & Genealogy Terms in the local language.
★ A place to list RESEARCH CENTERS, MAYORAL OFFICES, & ARCHIVES TO VISIT, with the addresses and hours of operation.
★ Extra genealogy-related things to look for and do throughout the journey.
★ And an area to record details about your accommodations for the evening, including check-in information.


After your order goes through, you get a link to copy this planner into your Google Drive.
(All you need to use Google Drive is a free email account from
From there, it is a fillable, editable spreadsheet.  You can change anything you want, share it with collaborators, and access it online through your Gmail account, from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

To get an editable version of this planner page in your Google Drive:

1. Log into your Gmail account.
2. Go to the link you get with your order.
3. At the top left, Click File  > Make a Copy.

Name it anything you like, and it’s now a fillable planner, saved to your Google Drive, so you can access it anywhere you like, from any smart device!

★ BONUS: You also get this as a printable PDF in 8 paper sizes!
• LEGAL size PDF
• Executive size PDF
• A3 paper size PDF
• A4 paper size PDF
• A5 paper size PDF
• B4 paper size PDF
• B5 paper size PDF
*If you need a size that isn’t here, contact me and I’ll make it for you!
All of these are ready to print and fill in by hand, as you plan your family history research trip.


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