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A list of LGBTQ Genealogy resources. Find family trees, ancestry workbooks, and marriage certificates for every kind of family.


LGBTQ Genealogy Resources

If you’re a part of the LGBTQ genealogy community, you may have noticed something disappointing. Most of the pedigree charts, binder inserts, and family tree systems out there… they were all made for a man and woman. Well, that obviously doesn’t work for everybody, so today I want to do a spotlight that focuses on some family tree and marriage certificate designs that are more inclusive. Because you shouldn’t have to constantly be crossing things out to make them work. These family trees are for everybody.


LGBTQAI+ Family Trees

5 Generation Life Partners Family Tree • Caspar David Friedrich Art

This Genealogy printable displays 5 Generations of your family tree and 5 generations of your life partner’s family tree. If you wish to add children or pets, there’s space in the middle among the tree branches.

Our Family Tree Index • A 12 Generation Genealogy Workbook For 4,095 Ancestors • PAPERBACK

The first two generations of this paperback genealogy journal are gender-neutral/LGBTQAI+ friendly. The individuals in the first couple are labeled “Parent” instead of Mother and Father. The first generation can be used to record either an individual or a sibling group. There is an unstructured notes section, where you can write in partners/spouses, siblings, or any other personal information you wish to include.

With this book, if you have or plan to have children, you and your partner could be listed as the second generation. Any children can be listed as the first generation. Then the book can trace both your family lines. Otherwise, your name would go in the first generation spot. In that case, there is room for you to write in any personal information about your life that you choose, and the other generations trace only your own ancestors.

*If you want something like this, but you prefer it as a set of printable pages you can add to your genealogy binder, you can get the 8 generation version as a PDF digital download. You can upload it to an app like GoodNotes if you prefer to edit it digitally.

Our Family Tree Index • An 8 Generation Genealogy Workbook For 255 Ancestors • DIGITAL EDITION


Just like the 12 generation genealogy notebook above, the first two generations of this PDF lineage journal are also gender-neutral and LGBTQ friendly. Get it here.

This lineage workbook is especially handy for documenting LGBTQ ancestors. There is a marriage line, and a blank line under it, so you can honor their loved one, or write in a second marriage.

Get The Matching 8 Generation Family Tree


This one comes in gold, olive green, or black.


This family tree fan chart was designed to go along with the entire line of LGBTQAI+ friendly family tree notebooks.

Looking for something grander? Check out this show-stopper:

This GIGANTIC, historic family tree is for anyone who wants a HUGE statement piece for the wall. It’s a stunner:

The Birds & Bounty Family Tree • XL 3′ X 4′


Places like Staples (if you’re in the U.S.) can print this file at its full size. They usually take 2-3 weeks, so get it early if you want to give this one as a holiday present. Get it here.

If you plan to get one of these grand family trees and fill it in yourself or have it done by a calligrapher, have a look at this blog post first for some pointers.

A huge amount of our family trees (especially the ones we designed, rather than the historic items that we simply restored) are made to work for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer/questioning, asexual, non-binary, pansexual, as well as cisgender families. Have a look at the entire collection HERE. If you find one of the restored antique family records and want the religious or cisgender text removed, feel free to contact us! House Elves Anonymous welcomes every opportunity to become more inclusive.

LGBTQAI+ Vintage-style Marriage Certificates

I made these for the LGBTQAI+ community by digitally collaging together gorgeous vintage ephemera. I love the antique aesthetic! Print these gorgeous marriage certificates at poster-size. Frame them without glass and use them over time to record births, departures, and marriages throughout the family, over time. There are ovals at the top to feature the couple and 2 additional photos. These additional areas will feature anyone you want to include in the ceremony. Parents, best friends, cherished pets, mentors, etc.

Marriage Certificate for Two Women • Archival Giclée Print

This 18″ x 24″ antique style Marriage Certificate is perfect for two lesbian women. You can also use it for two female-identifying people, or any two people who just love wearing dresses. This is a faith/spirituality/religion-neutral wedding certificate! There are angels here, but I see them more as an art history motif than anything religious.

Marriage Certificate for Two Men • Archival Giclée Print

Use this antique style gay marriage certificate for two men, two male-identifying people, or two people who just like wearing suits.

There are two figures in suits. This is a faith/spirituality/religion-neutral wedding certificate! I have the same-sex wedding certificate for females, over here.

Wedding Guest Sign-in Poster or Freeform Family Tree

If you want to document a more contemporary type of family tree without the limitations of boxes in traditional places, a great option is a freeform family tree. This way, you can include both family of origin AND chosen family so you can visualize the network of people that give you a feeling of home. Some people like to fill these in themselves, and others like to use these as sign-in boards for guests at life-cycle events.
Here’s my favorite antique/vintage style sign-in board:


This one is available exclusively on Etsy.



And here’s an all-purpose, freeform Chosen Family Tree:







House Elves Anonymous stands up for equality and representation. Do you see a family tree or wedding certificate that you love, but it doesn’t represent your family structure? Contact us for a custom adjustment to the design. Everyone should be able to have beautiful heirloom artwork to celebrate their own family’s unique story. We’ll be excited to be a part of your heirloom creation process.



Have you found any great LGBTQAI+ genealogy resources online? Let me know in the comments!

Recommended reading- Books and blogs about LGBTQ Genealogy



* Stewart Blandón Traiman, MD Genealogist has an expansive series of blog posts about LGBTQ genealogy.

*Thomas MacEntee, Genealogy educator and creator of Abundant Genealogy, has an extensive list of LGBTQAI+ Genealogy books at the bottom of this blog post.

*And of course, you can always write your own! Or maybe you already have… Want me to share it here? Post your link in the comments.



I’ll be adding to this post over time, so be sure to pin it and check back in!

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7 generation family tree digital download

Freestyle Family Tree for 143 People in an Antique Style

This freeform family tree has room to record up to 7 generations of ancestors, and up to 2 generations of descendants.  See the description below for links to a tutorial to walk you through it!  This is a digital download, and it’s HUGE (it took me over a week to make it), so please download it to a computer rather than a phone.

6 Generation Family Tree of Knowledge

This is a high-resolution digital download: 300 PPI.

A smaller size version of the file.  The smaller JPG can be uploaded to, in case you want to add text digitally.

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