A Brand New Tailwind Tribe for Genealogy Products


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Tailwind Tribe for Genealogy Products

Are you a genealogy maker who uses tailwind? I’ve just created a new Tailwind Tribe for genealogy products. It’s devoted explicitly to sharing genealogy-related goods. If you make and sell (or give away) anything related to genealogy or family trees, I’d love for you to join the tribe!

About this new Tailwind Tribe for Genealogy Products:
This is a group for anyone selling genealogy products, ancestry printables, or family history gifts of any kind. Free printables are also welcome here. We’re a new 1:1 group, gearing up for the holiday rush. I’ll personally repost all relevant submissions as often as possible for anyone posting and sharing here.

Tailwind is a website where people in similar niches group together and share each other’s content on Pinterest. If you aren’t on Tailwind yet, you can click here to get a $15 credit and try it out. They’ll also give me a credit when you get yours, and that’s how it works with the Pins too. For every pin you share with your Pinterest board from somebody else, you get to submit a pin to the group for other people to share.

Genealogy Products

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New in the shop

Free Family Tree With Photos

This family oak tree is a fillable PDF that lets you add in both names and photos for a kid, their parents, and grandparents.  You can download it here for free.

Vintage Gift Tags

Print out these vintage gift labels on sticker paper or thick card stock. They’re sure to add a historic flair to your presents this year!

10 Generations Family Tree with 3 parents on one side

This family tree chart with blanks has room for ten generations and was specially designed to include 3 parents on one side of the tree. This is especially useful for things like recording a second marriage, or including a foster parent or adopted parents.

The fan chart displays ten generations of lineage.


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