Did your ancestors travel by ship?

Spice up your family history records by writing their information on this custom-designed printable page!  You can get this US Letter size page as a digital download using the links further down the page.  And guess what? THIS BUNDLE IS AVAILABLE FOR FREE TO EVERYONE WHO SEES THIS POST ON THE DAY I PUBLISH IT!   It’s free […]

Red Marbled Cut & Paste Envelopes

Struggling with #ancestry scraps like old #Valentines & tiny photos? Download these printable #envelopes to organize your loose #ephemera. Thanks for the #freebie, @PegasusPaperCo!

Struggling with #ancestry scraps like old #Valentines & tiny photos? Download these printable #envelopes to organize your loose #ephemera. Thanks for the #freebie, @PegasusPaperCo!

Where Is The Best Place To Sell Genealogy Products?

I was tagged to answer this question about how to sell genealogy products by the wonderful Abbie Allen, founder of the phenomenal genealogy community, Walk My Past. I realized I had so much information to share that I should turn it into a public blog post. Are you looking for the best way to sell […]

A Brand New Tailwind Tribe for Genealogy Products

Tailwind Tribe for Genealogy Products

Are you a genealogy maker who uses tailwind? I’ve just created a new Tailwind Tribe for genealogy products. It’s devoted explicitly to sharing genealogy-related goods. If you make and sell (or give away) anything related to genealogy or family trees, I’d love for you to join the tribe! About this new Tailwind Tribe for Genealogy […]

How Many Ancestors In 12 Generations?

Print this free genealogy Binder insert page today! It tells you how many ancestors you have up to and in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th generations of your lineage.

Genealogy Book Contest

Enter for free to WIN a 1st Edition Family Tree Paperback Workbook for 12 generations of lineage!

Download This Free Printable – A Numbered Family Tree Chart to match our workbook!

This chart was created to match the Our Family Tree Workbook Series. The entire line of genealogy Notebooks, bookmarks, and family trees in this series are all coordinated to match. To celebrate the release of the world’s first 12 generation genealogy index journal, we’re offering this black and white chart as a *free download! *Free […]

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