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This antique-style book has room for you to record the first 4,095 people in your family line. (That’s not a typo. There’s actually room to list thousands of relatives!) This journal contains everything you need to create an index of the first twelve generations of your ancestors. Document your genealogy research by hand in this lovely keepsake… You’ll be creating a treasured historical document for future generations to enjoy while discovering your own heritage.

A numbered chart system makes it easy to see how the pages connect, and there are areas where you can write notes about any historical events that your family members may have experienced, witnessed, or survived.

Generations 1-10 of your lineage have lines where you can enter information next to the following prompts: Name, Born, Died, Married [with 2 lines to record multiple marriages or charming details], and Notes.

The 11th and 12th generations have room for only names and dates.

The first two generations of this paperback genealogy journal are gender-neutral. So the first generation can be used to record an individual of any gender or an entire group of siblings.  There is an unstructured notes section, where you can write in partners/spouses, siblings, or any other personal information you wish to include. The individuals in the first couple are labeled “Parent” instead of Mother and Father. 

This book comes with useful genealogy charts and a clear numbering system that can also be used to label loose documents.  From now on, you’ll always know which ancestors each record is connected to! Order yours today: